I guess this counts as a round-robin letter, but please be assured I’m only really doing this for myself, because I have a really bad memory.

My 2017 was dominated by a 2 year old, as you can imagine, but I managed to keep up orchestra and choir (with a trip to Vienna, by train!), fit in a few short breaks, and also work on interesting things. A good year, though I’d like to have read more books and taken more holiday.

Don’t worry, it’ll change soon*

My most ‘popular’ tweets of the year, according to Twitter, were on a few topics: split ticketing (where you buy multiple tickets and pay £27.50, not £76.60); blowing my own trumpet of famous people using my code, or traintimes.org.uk performance notes; Google issues with app installation or static pages; pointing out reasons to continue to boycott Nestlé; and sticking up for the Tombliboos. I’m not sure Twitter is worth it.

Please pick a section below to find out more about my year:

* Whatever we say with a behaviour regression, or indeed, particularly impressive behaviour.