RISC OS Programs

Here are some programs and PHP scripts I have written for the RISC OS platform of computers. They do not work on Windows, Macs, Linux or anything else.

PHP Scripts

NewsStats is a PHP version of my desktop program NewSpread, but is superior in a number of ways, the most obvious being it works within the desktop, drawing graphs of the posting times with more filtering options, and works with MsgServe, the message server that comes with Messenger Pro.

KOI8-R is a small filter that runs in Oregano, letting Oregano view web pages encoded with some character encodings it can’t handle itself, such as KOI8-R and Windows-1251.

Desktop programs


Newspread sprite This program draws a graph of posting times to any selection of newsgroups you are subscribed to (using either Voyager or NewsBase). You might want to look at the PHP version, which will work in your web browser. Download (11k)


Tracktime sprite This program requires a CD player, as what it does is to read an audio CD and fit the tracks as best it can onto tapes of a specified size. Now copes with more than one CD drive. Download (9k)


Harmony sprite Checks A-level standard Harmony. It has quite a tedious entry system, but I found it useful during my two years. Download (22k)

Harmony file sprite There are also some example files for Harmony. Try them even if you don’t understand it – they still sound good. :-) Download (3753 bytes)

D&D Suite

If you don’t have the DDE modules, DDEUtils and FrontEnd, you won’t be able to run the programs in the D&D Suite multi-tasking, but you can still double-click on the files, which will then run single-tasked.

Route inspection sprite Programs to help with the D&D module of MEI A-level maths, such as Travelling Salesman, Dijkstra and Prim’s algorithms etc. Download (35k)

Dijkstra’s algorithm sprite Example files for the above D&D Suite. Taken from the MEI Decision and Discrete book, past exam papers and my coursework. Download (10k)