NewsStats sprite This PHP script runs in your web browser and gives lists of the top n posters to your currently subscribed newsgroups, based on the contents of your message server. It can restrict the search to certain newsgroups, only include posts by certain posters, collate all the information together in one list, or display it per newsgroup, and can output graphs of posting times. It only works locally, on RISC OS – this PHP script is not meant to be run on a Unix/Microsoft web server.


You must be using NewsBase or MsgServe (the message server that comes with Messenger Pro) to store your news, and you must be using NewsHound to fetch your news. Otherwise, the PHP script cannot find the files it needs.

You must also have WebJames and PHP installed (or the version of WebJames with PHP built in – I recommend this, as it significantly speeds up PHP files). These are available from


Download NewsStats (version 1.06, updated 2002-4-8)


Once you have WebJames/PHP installed, simply place the newsstats directory inside your local webserver directory (with a default installation of WebJames, this is the Site directory found in the same directory as WebJames). Then, with your web browser visit http://localhost/newsstats/.


Web form display
Typical results screen

Any problems or queries, please get in touch.