List of vegetarian Wall’s ice creams

On it currently says:

Are Magnums Suitable For Vegetarians/Vegans?
Not all of our Magnum ice creams are suitable for vegetarians. Please call our careline on 0800 7311507 for a list of vegetarian-friendly ice creams.

Almost like they feel they have something to hide! So I contacted them to get this current list, as of 28th August 2022. It does not make pretty reading for those of you who did not know they do not bother labelling the presence of calf rennet in your ice cream whey.



  • Happy Rainbow 90ml 5 Multipack


  • Magnum White 440ml Tub
  • Magnum Double Chocolate 440ml Tub
  • Magnum Double Ruby and Cream 440ml Tub
  • Magnum Vegan Classic 3 Multipack
  • Magnum Mini Mix Vegan Classic/Almond 55ml 6 Multipack
  • Magnum Vegan Sea Salted Caramel 90ml 3 Multipack
  • Magnum Vegan Almond 90ml 3 Multipack


  • Cornetto Gluten free 90ml 4 Multipack
  • Cornetto Soft Cookie and Chocolate 140ml 4 Multipack


  • Guuud Greek Yoghurt & Blueberry 80ml 4 Multipack
  • Guuud Greek Yoghurt & Raspberry 80ml 4 Multipack
  • Guuud Greek Yoghurt & Salted Caramel 80ml 4 Multipack
  • Wall's Guuud Passionfruit 80ml 4 Multipack

Swedish Glace

  • Swedish Glace Chocolate 750ml
  • Swedish Glace Raspberry 750ml
  • Swedish Glace Vanilla 750ml
  • Swedish Glace Coconut Blueberry 465ml
  • Swedish Glace Cinnamon Hazelnut 465ml
  • Swedish Glace chocolate and red berries 465ml

Ben & Jerry’s

  • B&J Chip Happens 465 ml
  • B&J Cookie Dough 465 ml
  • B&J Peanut Butter Cup 465ml
  • B&J Chocolate Fudge Brownie 465ml
  • B&J Chunky Monkey 465ml
  • B&J Phish Food 465 ml
  • B&J Vanilla Pecan Blondie 465ml
  • B&J Baked Alaska 465ml
  • B&J Cone Together 465ml
  • B&J Half Baked 465ml
  • B&J Karamel Sutra 465ml
  • B&J Netflix & Chill'd 465ml
  • B&J Caramel Brownie Party 465ml
  • B&J Strawberry Cheesecake 465ml
  • B&J Change The Whirled Non Dairy 465ml
  • B&J Cookies on Cookie Dough Non Dairy 465ml
  • B&J Netflix & Chill'd Non Dairy 465ml
  • B&J Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non Dairy 465ml
  • B&J Peanut Butter Cookies Non Dairy 465ml
  • B&J Salted Caramel Brownie Non Dairy 465ml
  • B&J Cookie Dough Chunks 170g
  • B&J Ice Cream Peaces Cookie dough 160ml
  • B&J Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Chunks 170g
  • B&J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks 170ml

Others (according to this FAQ but not in provided list)

  • Mini Milk Strawberry
  • Twister Pineapple, Twister 3Ster, and Twister Peek-A-Blue

Not Vegetarian

Everything else, which includes things like:

  • All non-vegan Magnum lollies
  • All other Cornettos
  • Twister
  • Feast
  • Solero
  • Soft scoop
  • Viennetta

As an aside, over in India according to the Indian FAQ, all their ice-creams are vegetarian.