Using Catlight with GitHub Actions

As I wrote back in 2019, I used BitBar to have Travis status in my Mac menu bar. Moving to Windows, I started using Catlight which provided basically the same service, providing a summary of my continuous integration results.

We have started using GitHub Actions at work, and so I wanted to have Catlight provide results from those; but unlike Travis, Catlight does not have any built-in GitHub Actions support at present. However, it does have its own protocol, where you can write something at a URL that outputs test results in the right format, and it will work with that, which is great.

So I wrote catlight-github-actions, which reads the results of GitHub Actions using the GitHub API and outputs the data in the format Catlight wants.

Catlight in action showing results of GitHub Actions, couple of failures, mostly successes.

Clone the repo, add your own config for whichever accounts you wish to monitor, add the URL to Catlight, and you’re done.