Wordle Bookmarklet

Drag the following to your bookmarks toolbar to add some functionality to the fun game of Wordle.
When you are on the game, you can press the bookmark to have that effect.

On mobile, if dragging to a bookmark folder does not work, you could try e.g. these steps for Android Chrome or these for iPhone.

This resets the board to empty:

Wordle: Reset

This resets the board, with the word from the previous day:

Wordle: Previous day

This pops up a box asking for a day number, then resets to play the word from that day:

Wordle: Pick a day

This one generates an image and suggested alternative text of your result at the end to share, rather than the default emojis the Share button uses. This is because screenreaders read out every emoji individually which is not great. You can press this bookmarklet, then copy the image and then the text to Twitter or wherever:

Wordle: Create image

This one generates the image as above, and the alternative text, then tries to share it using your browser’s native share functionality. Might work, might not!

Wordle: Share

This one lets you give your own word, then resets the board to play with that word as the answer. To then pass your phone to a friend?

Wordle: Change answer