logo At the Guardian Hack Day on 13/14th November 2008, I wrote some code and hacked some HTML to use RSS feeds and more in order to create a specialised version of the Guardian homepage. The page includes both items written by Charlie Brooker, and articles that mention him elsewhere on the site. Various other changes have been made to fit in to the style. What more do you need? ;-)

“It's a bit like watching serial killer movies, [...] that moment when they find a hidden shrine with hundreds of surveillance shots and rose petals nailed over the eyes...” — Charlie Brooker

I am not a scary Charlie Brooker stalker fan, promise :-) It was just a funny way of showing how easy it is to do something like this; the domain name was the kicker, and not just because it's named after Charlian the cat (pictured).

I'm most proud of the header, which I did completely in Microsoft Paint at a rather late hour. Taking the image, I shaved the curl off the “d” to make the “l”, created the “h” by superimposing a copy of that “l” on a copy of the “n”, and then copied the light “c” and flood-filled it to create the other “c” (hence why its anti-aliasing isn't as great).