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3/5/2007, 22:10 – 4/5/2007, 02:00
Vote countMain headline: Labour awaits voters' judgement
Polls close across England, Scotland and Wales, with voters expected to give Labour a "kicking".
4/5/2007, 02:00 – 05:10
Vote countMain headline: Hope for Labour in early results
Initial results in England and Scotland suggest Labour might not suffer poll losses on the scale predicted.
4/5/2007, 05:10 – 12:45
Vote countMain headline: Labour suffering election losses
Labour loses ground in England, Scottish and Welsh elections but claims to have avoided "disaster".
4/5/2007, 12:45 – 18:10
Tony BlairMain headline: Blair defiant despite poll losses
Labour suffers election losses in England and Wales and sees a swing to the SNP in Scotland - but claims to have avoided electoral "disaster".
4/5/2007, 18:10 – 5/5/2007, 06:15
Tony BlairMain headline: SNP claims historic victory in Scotland
Labour is beaten by the SNP in Scotland and suffers more poll losses in England and Wales, but Tony Blair says it not a "rout".