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7/4/2007, 21:20 – 22:20
Leading Seaman Faye TurneyLeft subheadline: Captive's tribute to Iraq fallen
More tributes to four British soldiers killed in Iraq are paid by the Royal Navy personnel freed by Iran.
7/4/2007, 22:20 – 8/4/2007, 02:20
Royal Navy crewLeft subheadline: Iranian captives can sell stories
The 15 Royal Navy personnel held captive by Iran are to be allowed to sell their stories to the media, the MoD says.
8/4/2007, 02:20 – 15:25
Captured crew arriving in the UKMain headline: Naval captives can sell stories
The MoD allows the Royal Navy crew held in Iran to sell their stories to the media, in a move sparking criticism.