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12/1/2007, 02:30 – 10:05
Tony BlairMain headline: PM to back Iraq and Afghan roles
Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to defend the UK's missions in Iraq and Afghanistan in a speech in Plymouth.
12/1/2007, 10:05 – 12:50
Tony BlairMain headline: UK 'faces big defence decision'
Britain must decide if it wants to be a major defence power in the future, Tony Blair will say in a keynote speech.
12/1/2007, 12:50 – 22:25
Tony BlairMain headline: UK 'must continue to fight wars'
Tony Blair will say his foreign policy is "controversial" but it must continue after he has stepped down.
12/1/2007, 22:25 – 13/1/2007, 03:40
Tony BlairMain headline: Blair defends intervention policy
Tony Blair admits his foreign policy is "controversial" but says it should continue after he has stepped down.
13/1/2007, 03:40 – 03:50
5th other top story: Blair defends intervention policy