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18/9/2005, 17:10 – 18:40
Gerhard Schroeder and Angela MerkelMain headline: 'Slim victory' for German right
Germany's opposition CDU narrowly wins the country's general election, exit polls suggest.
18/9/2005, 18:40 – 21:35
Angela MerkelMain headline: Hung parliament looms in Germany
Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats fail to secure a ruling majority in Germany's election, exit polls suggest.
18/9/2005, 21:35 – 19/9/2005, 00:25
Angela MerkelMain headline: No clear winner after German vote
Early projections show a tight finish to Germany's election, with both main parties claiming victory.
19/9/2005, 00:25 – 04:40
Angela MerkelMain headline: Merkel ahead in tight German vote
Germany's conservatives, led by Angela Merkel, come out ahead by a slim margin, provisional poll results show.