Oxford Finals Marks Finder

Oxford Maths finals questions arewere marked out of 25, with 21–25 being an alpha, 13–20 a beta, and with each mark squared and then added to produce some sort of total, which then was used (along with other information such as 2α+β) to classify us. This does mean that when results come out, we are given lots of totals for each paper or subject, but no question mark breakdown. Thankfully, the totals give us enough information to work out possible marks for each question, which is what this page provides. Enter your paper details below:

Sum squared: Sum: Alphas: Betas: Questions on paper:

For anyone remotely interested, here is the breakdown of my Finals Part II marks:

SubjectSumSum SquaredAlphasBetasPossible Marks
Perturbation Methods4811522024, 24
Complexity & Cryptography6612502122, 21, 17, 6 or 24, 21, 13, 8
Maths & the Environment5911892025, 22, 8, 4
Applied Solid Mechanics425240215, 13, 11, 3 or 16, 14, 6, 6 or 15, 15, 7, 5
Mathematical Physiology6815622125, 24, 19
Numerical Linear Algebra466581021, 10, 9, 6
Total Part II (the above)329633594
Total Part I (last year)615119031411

The 1/2.1 borderline is 16000 and 2α+β ≥ 54. Yay me. :)