Oregano is far ahead of any other browser on the RISC OS platform with regards to being able to display international characters, such as Japanese or Cyrillic. However, the number of character encodings (basically, a table that matches each byte (or series of bytes) with a character) it knows is limited and it has no way to expand them. This means if you visit a web page using an unsupported character encoding, even though Oregano could support the characters used if written in a different encoding such as Unicode, it appears as gibberish.

So, as a beginning, I have written a PHP script, which runs in Oregano, to convert KOI8-R or Windows-1251 web pages (common Russian character encodings) on the fly to Unicode, so that Oregano can display them (perfectly, I might add :) ).



Download KOI8-R (version 1.02, updated 2002-4-12)


Once you have WebJames/PHP installed, simply place the koi8r directory inside your local webserver directory (with a default installation of WebJames, this is the Site directory found in the same directory as WebJames). Then, with your web browser visit http://localhost/koi8r/.

Any problems or queries, please get in touch.